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Lesson 1
Revelation Ch 1 - Part A
    Be sure to listen to Lesson 1 from the Daniel series first. It gives
    an overview of prophecy. In fact, it's best to do the Daniel lessons
    first, before you tackle Revelation.

    What is sealed in Daniel is opened in Revelation. 500 years after
    Daniel is told to seal his visions for the end time, John is given
    the unsealing -- the disclosure -- the revelation. Taken together,
    these two books give a powerful picture of the end of the world.
    John is the scribe, but the author of Revelation is the Father,
    the Seven Spirits from before His throne and Jesus Christ.
    We know the Father. We know Jesus. But who are the
    Seven Spirits?
Lesson 2
Revelation Ch 1 - Part B
    We see Jesus in his imperishable body as Witness and Ruler.
    Will our imperishable bodies look like this, too? Are we to
    be judged for our sins? Do the Gentiles share in the kingly
    heritage of the Jews? Will all the Jews be saved in the end?
Lesson 3
Revelation Ch 2 - Part A  
    Christ writes letters to the angels of the churches. The first church
    is the one where Timothy is pastor. This powerfully gifted church
    was founded in a groundswell of miraclous healings and dramatic
    conversions. But something has gone terribly wrong.
    The second church is already undergoing persecution. So why
    is Christ allowing Satan to hurt them even more?
    Why do bad things happen to good people?
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Lesson 4
Revelation Ch 2 - Part B      
    There's a lot of suffering in Revelation. How do we know when
    it is God punishing or disciplining us and when it is an attack
    by Satan? Why doesn't God just fix it now? Why do we have to
    put up with Satan? We conclude our study of Smyrna.
Lesson 5
Revelation Ch 2 - Part C
    Christ's letter to businessmen. The businessmen are defined by
    their works, and their works will determine the extent of their
    reward in heaven. But their works will be burned in fire! Why?
    Are these businessmen going to heaven or not?And what does
    Jezebel have to do with all this?
Lesson 6
Revelation Ch 3 - Part A
    Their church was inside a pagan temple, and their works were
    filthy rags in Christ's eyes. Are we any better? How can we be
    sure? Will the Day of the Lord be a day of terror or a day of
    rejoicing? Can our name be blotted out of the Book of Life?
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Lesson 7
Revelation Ch 3 - Part B
    Where do people go when they die? We take a look at Death,
    Hades, Paradise, Heaven, the Lake of Fire and the Abyss.
    Find out which ones are temporary and which ones are
    permanent, which ones are for men and which ones are
    for angels.
Lesson 8
Revelation Ch 3 - Part C
    Does Jesus do a "fly-by"? We begin a search of Scripture to
    find out whether the Church is Raptured before or after the
    Great Tribulation. We skip ahead to the end of Revelation -
    and we look at some Old Testament prophecy from the
    perspective of the Jews.
Lesson 9
Revelation Ch 3 - Part D
    The body count is so high it takes 7 months to bury the dead!
    The Day of the Lord is prophesied throughout Scripture
    as a Day of Wrath, a Day of Vengeance and a Year of
    Recompense. Find out how the Battle of Armageddon and the
    Second Coming of Christ relate to the Day like no other Day...
    A Day when the sun, moon and stars fall dark, the heavens are
    shaken, and the sword of the Lord is satiated.
Lesson 10
Revelation Ch 3 - Part E
    Who's getting married - and what does it have to do with the
    Rapture? Do Jews and Gentiles share an inheritance? Who is
    the Bride of Christ? Is it the Church or the New Jerusalem?
    When does the Groom come to fetch the Bride? When does
    the wedding ceremony occur? What about the wedding feast?
    Find out answers to all these questions in this final installment
    of our study of the Rapture in Revelation Chapter 3.
Lesson 11
Revelation Ch 3 - Part F
    Are the seven churches really seven ages? Are the seven letters
    applicable to all Christian churches of all ages? Or are there
    special promises and condemnations for particular times in
    history? Are we in the Age of Apostasy? And who are the
    24 elders on the 24 thrones?
Lesson 12
Revelation Ch 4 and 5
    Almighty God holds His sealed will in His hand...
    Who can be found worthy to be His heir? Lightning and thunder
    rumble, the light of the Holy Spirit is reflected in a crystal sea,
    Four living creatures - the awesome cherubim - surround the
    throne of God. Each creature has six wings and is full of eyes.
    It is a great and terrible scene...and at the center is standing a
    Lamb that has been slain yet lives again.
Lesson 13
Revelation Ch 6, 8 and 9A
    The scroll in the hand of God is opened...And the four horsemen
    of the Apocalypse are released. 21 judgments in all - each more
    terrible than the one before. Never before and never again will
    such destruction occur on earth or in heaven.
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Lesson 14
Revelation 9B, 10, 11B, 12 and 13A
    The Great Story of the Struggle between Good and Evil -
    A pregnant woman goes into labor while a dragon waits
    impatiently to devour her child. The dragon fails, the child and
    his mother are rescued. But the dragon takes revenge...
Lesson 15
Revelation - Early Tribulation
    The countdown begins...The AntiChrist conquers Egypt and
    turns his sights on Israel, but he is thwarted by two street preachers.
    These are no ordinary preachers! They kill their enemies by spewing
    fire from their mouths, they cause drought and plagues, and they turn
    water to blood. Who are these guys?
Lesson 16
Revelation - The Great Tribulation - Part A
    The AntiChrist dominates the World...The AntiChrist is killed and
    is resurrected. He is finally able to conquer Jerusalem and his first
    order of business is to kill the two witnesses. The world is awestruck
    by his power - and the power of his prophet who is able to call down
    fire from heaven, and can even bring a statue of the AntiChrist to life
    Everyone worships the AntiChrist and his living statue. Everyone
    gets his name or number 666 on their hands or foreheads. Everyone,
    that is, except the few faithful who now face torture and death at
    the hands of a cruel tyrant.
Lesson 17
Revelation - The Great Tribulation - Part B
    The City of Babylon is capital of the world...The center of all
    commerce and trade - and the AntiChrist can't wait to get his hands
    on all that money! He and the ten kings take over the world
    economy. Babylon becomes their own capital. Saints are martyred.
    Babylon is drunk with their blood. But God is still in control.
    The time has come for the seven last plagues.
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Lesson 18
Revelation - The Battle of Armageddon
    The kings of the world are duped by the AntiChrist - Using miracles,
    the AntiChrist convinces the kings of the earth to join with him in
    battle against the Jews, Jerusalem, Israel and their God. But even the
    AntiChrist is helpless when God destroys his capital city, Babylon.
    The AntiChrist vents his anger on Jerusalem...and it looks like he'll
    LORD OF LORDS comes with all the saints and hosts of heaven.
Lesson 19
Revelation - The Millennial Kingdom
    Satan is imprisoned for 1,000 years - Christ and the saints rule the
    world. The Jews are greatly blessed with riches and long life.
    But all is not well...Satan is released and hooks up with his former
    allies. Greed is the motivation for the final, cataclysmic battle against
Lesson 20
Revelation - The New Eternal Order
    Heaven and earth are completely destroyed - Everyone is resurrected
    to join those who already live in imperishable bodies. Everyone
    stands before God at the Great White Throne judgment. Those who
    were wicked join Satan and the AntiChrist eternally in the Lake of
    Fire. But those who were righteous form the New Jerusalem, the
    Bride of Christ. After a great feast, they enjoy a brand new heaven
    and earth where they can eat, drink, travel, work, play, worship God
    and fellowship deeply with each other. The last lesson in the series.
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