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Be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water...
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Lesson 1
Jeremiah - The Love Affair
    In the Beginning Was a Love Affair
    The whole Bible is the story of a love affair between us and God.
    Jeremiah enters after the courtship and marriage.
    The relationship is of the brink of divorce...
Lesson 2
Jeremiah - Birth of a Nation
    God Gets Married
    God sees his relationship with his people as a marriage commitment.
    Peek in at the wedding ceremony, complete with the exchanging
    of names.
Lesson 3
Jeremiah - Falling Apart  
    A Stubborn and Stiff-Necked People
    God's marriage is on the rocks.
    His people are inviting in other lovers.
Lesson 4
Jeremiah - The Call (Part 1)      
    Jeremiah was called when he was young.
    Really young. Like before birth!
    Unusual?  Not at all.
    Follow along as we pursue our own destinies.
Lesson 5
Jeremiah - The Call (Part 2)          
    The Message is Life or Death
    God uses puns to hammer the message home to Jeremiah.
    This is Judah's last chance and Jeremiah must get the
    message right.
Lesson 6
Jeremiah - Our Heart's Not In It
    Talking Fruit
    Your fruit gives away what's in your heart.
    Judah's fruit was rotten.
    And God's getting ready to take out the trash.
Lesson 7
Jeremiah - King Josiah's Story
    King Josiah Gets It
    Though he's very young, King Josiah knows Truth when he hears it.
    When the Book of the Law is discovered in a dusty back room,
    the King sets out on an urgent mission to save his people.
Lesson 8
Jeremiah - The Weeping Prophet
    Jeremiah Cries, He Pouts, He Rebels
    But the Lord keeps pressing on.
    Judah becomes a vassal state of Egypt.
    A decisive battle is looming that will completely shift the balance
    of world power.
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Lesson 9
Jeremiah - The Tide Turns
    Jeremiah is persona non grata. That means a diplomat who is not
    welcome in the kingdom where he is sent.

    That's the understatement of the century.

    Not only was he not welcome, he was ridiculed and persecuted.
    Of course, it'd be kind of hard not to ridicule a guy who wears
    an ox yoke to court.
Lesson 10
Jeremiah - The Siege Begins
    He's Back...
    Nebuchadnezzar is back and he's loaded for bear.
    Kings are falling right and left.
    And the Lord is still telling Jeremiah to do crazy things in a last
    ditch effort to save Judah.
Lesson 11
Jeremiah - The Final Curtain
    Jerusalem Falls
    What happens to King Zedekiah?
    What happens to Pharaoh Hophra?
    What happens to Nebuchadnezzar?
    But most of all...what happens to Jeremiah?

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