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Lesson 1
Intro to Prophecy - Part A
    This first lesson is an introduction to the approach we'll use for
    interpreting Scripture. It also gives a birds-eye view of prophecy in
Lesson 2
Intro - Part B and Daniel Ch 1
    We finish the overview of prophecy, symbols, time, numbers, and
    the rise and fall of world powers. Then we move to Daniel Ch 1.
    Daniel is taken captive as a teenager and possibly castrated.
Lesson 3
Daniel Ch 2 - Part A  
    Daniel gets a death warrant. King Nebuchadnezzar orders the
    execution of all his spiritual advisors because no one can interpret
    his dream. Daniel and his friends spend the night in prayer and God
    gives Daniel both the dream and the interpretation! The dream spans
    all world history from the time of Nebuchadnezzar through to the
    second coming of Christ.
Lesson 4
Daniel Ch 2 - Part B      
    The Dream of the Awesome Statue.The Head is Gold, the Chest
    and Arms are Silver,the Belly and Thighs are Bronze, the Legs are
    Iron, the Feet and Toes are Iron mixed with Clay...and it is all
    crushed and blown away by a stone not cut by human hands!
    What does it mean?
Lesson 5
Daniel Ch 3 and 4          
    In Daniel's absence, the king orders everyone to worship an idol as
    big as two 18-wheelers. Daniel's friends refuse and are sentenced to
    immediate death! They are thrown into a white-hot furnace, but live
    through it by the hand of God. The king is astonished and his respect
    for their God grows. The king has another dream and the
    interpretation is not good news! The sentence passed on the king
    by God is so severe that even this pagan king is humbled.
Lesson 6
Daniel Ch 5 and 6
    Babylon is besieged but the king and his nobles party on! Suddenly,
    a ghostly hand writes a mysterious message on the wall. Daniel is
    called in to interpret and predicts the king's downfall. That very
    night, the king dies and Babylon falls to the Persians. The new king
    puts Daniel in a high-ranking job, causing the deep and bitter
    resentment of other high-ranking 'wannabees'. They hatch a plan to
    assassinate Daniel.
Lesson 7
Daniel Ch 7 - Part A
    Daniel has a vision of four strange beasts rising up out of the sea.
    Beast 1 is like a lion with wings that becomes man-like,
    Beast 2 is like a bear gnawing on three ribs,
    Beast 3 is like a leopard with four heads and wings,
    But Beast 4 is utterly terrifying with horns that change and grow.
    It crushes and tramples and devours its victims. Then God comes
    and passes judgment. We learn a system for helping sort this all out
    and make sense out of it.
Lesson 8
Daniel Ch 7 - Part B
    We use our system to interpret Daniel's vision. We now know the
    first beast is the kingdom of Babylon. The second beast is the Medo-
    Persian Empire.The third beast is the Greek Empire.
    The fourth beast is an Imperialist Empire that begins with the rise
    and fall of the Roman Empire. We look at the part of the vision that
    has not yet been fulfilled and begin to understand some of the events
    that will occur in the End-Times.
Lesson 9
Daniel Ch 8 - Part A
    A third vision occurs! We make sense out of rams, unicorn goats,
    angels and evil kings. Is the king in this vision The AntiChrist?
    Or is he the Greek king Antiochus Epiphanes? Is this prophecy
    relevant today or is it just ancient history?
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Lesson 2
Lesson 10
Daniel Ch 8 - Part B
    The more we look at Scripture, the more it looks like this king is the
    Antichrist - not Antiochus Epiphanes. We find out some startling
    information about the Antichrist and his influence on the hosts of heaven.
Lesson 11
Daniel Ch 9 - Part A
    Daniel discovers a long-lost prophecy. Daniel stumbles across a
    prophecy by Jeremiah that says the Babylonian captivity is only
    to last 70 years -- and time is nearly up! What is the significance
    of the 70 years? Does Daniel's prayer for mercy hasten the
    end of captivity?
Lesson 12
Daniel Ch 9 - Part B
    God sends Gabriel to set Daniel straight. Daniel gets the timing
    wrong on the events to follow the 70 years of captivity. Gabriel
    comes to clarify the prophecies and gives Daniel what has been
    referred to as "the backbone of Biblical prophecy." We also learn
    what is really meant by the term "righteousness" - and what we
    learned was not at all what we expected!
Lesson 13
Daniel Ch 9 - Part C
    Gabriel Gives a Timeline in the famous prophecy of the "70 Sevens."
    In this famous prophecy, the timespan from the decree to rebuild
    Jerusalem to the coming of the Messiah is revealed - and it is 100%
    accurate! We find new and deeper meaning to the prophecy's
    statement that the Messiah will be cut off. We discuss two possible
    timings for the destruction of Jerusalem and we find out the identity
    of "the many" who will make a covenant with the Antichrist.
Lesson 14
Daniel Ch 10
    The Reality behind National Power Struggles. An awesome and
    mighty angel is sent to give Daniel understanding of the final vision
    recorded in this book of Scripture...but he is waylaid by the evil
    spirit ruling Persia.

    The archangel Michael comes to the rescue, holding off the Persian
    spirit just long enough for the angel to come to Daniel with the
    message.We look at what these spiritual realities mean to a physical
    world. Does this kind of power struggle still happen today?
    What is really going on in the world?
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Lesson 15
Daniel Ch 11 - Part A
    History Recorded in Advance in Heaven. The angel reveals specific
    events to Daniel that span the next 350 years. Victories, defeats,
    alliances, murders and betrayals...Each revelation was fulfilled in the
    exact manner and exact order prophesied.
Lesson 16
Daniel Ch 11 - Part B
    The Rise of the Antichrist. The last prophecy in Daniel reveals
    detailed information about the Antichrist. All the prophecies in
    Daniel fall neatly into alignment, giving us a history of the end
    of the world - written in advance!
Lesson 17
Daniel Ch 11 - Part C and Ch 12
    The final chapter in Daniel. Although the Antichrist rises to power
    quickly, his reign is short-lived. When he declares himself to be god
    believers in the True and Living God fight back.The power of the
    Antichrist seems limitless, but just when the power of the saints is
    broken...God comes to their defense. Jesus Christ comes, the
    Antichrist is utterly defeated, the saints reign victorious!
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